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From Dallas to Dubai and Oklahoma to Mexico, Air Hygiene has performed stack testing and other emissions testing services all over the globe. We are truly humbled, having been given the opportunity to work with some of the most trusted and productive companies in the world. Building stronger bonds with customers and partners every year, Air Hygiene is honored to serve you.

Lafarge North America Inc. Cement Plant (2012)

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In November 2012, Air Hygiene International completed the Comprehensive Performance Testing (CPT) for Lafarge North America’s cement plant in Tulsa, OK. This project highlights Air Hygiene’s unmatched quality in stack testing, as the schedule was an aggressive one. Air Hygiene performed 11 stack testing methods, in 4 days, on 3 kilns, at 2 different operating conditions. A team of 14 stack testers sampled for the following pollutants: particulates, metals, dioxins, furans, hydrogen chloride/chlorine, VOST, semi-VOST, and total hydrocarbons. In addition, Air Hygiene collected, composited, and shipped nearly 600 process samples over the duration of the project. Air Hygiene’s determination to provide excellence in service knows no bounds, when it comes to demanding schedules. Air Hygiene is proud of its partner, Lafarge, in allowing us to showcase elite emissions testing skills.

Prairie State Energy Campus (2011-2012)

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Air Hygiene provided the Bechtel Corporation with emissions testing services at the Prairie State Energy Campus located in Lively Grove, Illinois where Bechtel built the 1600-megawatt facility, which is the largest greenfield coal-fired power plant in the United States. Air Hygiene completed the Air Pollution Control (APC) performance guarantee and Initial Permit Compliance testing on Units 1 and 2, providing results to determine state and federal permit compliance as well as contractual guarantee demonstrations. A test team of 19 Air Hygiene employees provided results for NOx, CO, SO2, VOC, PM, PM10, H2SO4, dioxins and furans, HF, HCl, NH3, metals, Hg, opacity and exhaust flow. Many of these parameters required testing at 7 locations simultaneously. In addition to the Unit 1 and 2 emissions testing, Air Hygiene completed stack testing for particulates and opacity on 10 fuel and other bulk material handling, processing, and storage units. This is the 5th start-up project where Air Hygiene has provided stack testing services for the Bechtel Corporation. We love repeat customers!

SandRidge E&P, LLC Oil & Gas Well Site Locations (2011 – Present)

Air Hygiene proudly provides SandRidge E&P, LLC with stack testing services throughout Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. In the 12 month period from August 2011 through July 2012, Air Hygiene has tested over 230 natural gas fired reciprocating engines to meet the requirements of 40 CFR 60 – Subpart JJJJ: Standards of Performance for Stationary Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engines (NOx, CO, O2, VOC). Partnering with Enercon Services Inc., Air Hygiene’s stack testing program is designed to provide SandRidge’s environmental department an efficient solution which requires minimal SandRidge resources and offers the peace of mind that compliance is achieved.

XTO Energy-Barnett Shale (2009-Present)

Air Hygiene is proud of its relationship with XTO Energy, Inc. XTO growing services since 2009 to include stack testing on over 250 engines annually. XTO is a Fortune 500 energy producing company with significant assets in the Barnett Shale located in and around Fort Worth, Texas.  In 2009, Air Hygiene partnered with XTO to conduct emissions testing to assure compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 117.8 (TAC 117.8) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 60 (40 CFR 60), Subpart JJJJ requirements.  Along with the engines in the Barnett Shale, Air Hygiene also conducts testing for XTO in Louisiana and East Texas. 

Red River Activated Carbon Plant (2010 – 2011)

Air Hygiene performed emissions testing at ADA Carbon Solutions’ (ADA-CS) greenfield activated carbon production facility in Red River Parish, Louisiana. This carbon production facility is the largest in North America and capable of producing 8,000 lbs/hr of powdered activated carbon. Air Hygiene’s comprehensive approach to emissions testing was perfect for this project. We provided testing services under contract to the owner (ADA-CS) for state and federal permit compliance, the EPC contractor (KBR) for contractual guarantee demonstration, and the CEMS vendor (Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc.) for initial Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems certification. Air Hygiene’s testing services included analysis of NOx, CO, SO2, VOC, PM10, SO3, NH3, O2, CO2, and numerous ASTM methods to determine the heating content of the multi-hearth furnace off gas. At times, this testing program required over 15 test-personnel, sampling 6 locations simultaneously. Air Hygiene is very pleased with the outcome of this large-scale project and honored to continue to serve ADA-CS, KBR, and Teledyne Monitor Labs as valued customers.

West County Energy Center (2009-2011)

In 2009, Air Hygiene was awarded, by Black & Veatch, the responsibility of initial compliance and contractual guarantee for Florida Power & Light’s West County Energy Center. Located in Loxahatchee, Florida, West County is a 3,750 Megawatt greenfield power plant with nine combined cycle units. Air Hygiene performed stack testing in order to monitor: NOx, CO, THC/VOC, NH3, PM10, opacity, CO2, and O2 as each block started up. The West County compliance testing proves that Air Hygiene is a company that can perform any method in any condition. No matter how diverse or complicated the situation, Air Hygiene has the tools to provide the right solution. The West County Energy Center is the 11th Florida Power & Light plant where Air Hygiene has performed stack testing.

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners – Various Compressor Stations (1998-Present)

Air Hygiene has been conducting stack testing at facilities in the Boardwalk Pipeline Partners network and working with their environmental managers since 1998. Air Hygiene currently provides services to the Boardwalk Pipeline Partners including Gulf Crossing Pipeline Company, LLC, Gulf South Pipeline Company, LLC, and Texas Gas Transmission, LLC, in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Air Hygiene tests hundreds of Boardwalk Pipeline units subject to state regulation and 40 CFR 60 Subpart JJJJ, KKKK, and ZZZZ. Yes, we love repeat customers!

Elm Road Generating Station (2009-2010)

Air Hygiene was contracted by Hitachi to perform emissions testing for WE Energies’ new coal and gas fired electrical power station, Elm Road. Located on Lake Michigan in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Elm Road has been listed as the third largest generating station in Wisconsin; carrying a net capacity of 1,135 MW. The emissions testing was performed at several different locations, with hundreds of sampling points, including: the SCR inlet/outlet, air heater outlet, coal feeder, economizer outlet, boiler SFC, and bag filter hopper. Air Hygiene analyzed a range of pollutants that also included: NOx, O2, CO, CO2, VOC, particulate fly ash, SO2, SO3, NH3, bottom ash, raw coal, unburned carbon, and particulate matters. The entire scope of testing was performed effectively and efficiently, as Elm Road held state and federal compliance, upon the completion of the plant. Air Hygiene is privileged to have tested on such a grand scale, and in such a timely manner for Hitachi. Our experience and service is truly, Second to None (2-2-0).