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I would like to express our gratitude for the professionalism your team exhibited while on site. They displayed pride in their work and represented Air Hygiene with the upmost quality. They are a very friendly group of guys and display confidence in their abilities to do their jobs. They displayed awesome teamwork and appear to have their individual routines down to a science. On another positive note, your entire team seems to possess a good understanding of the different EPA test methodologies which I cannot honestly say doesn’t appear to be the norm. I have witnessed hundreds of stack tests in my tenure since 1990 and in my mind Air Hygiene is the benchmark that other companies should be striving to achieve. I look forward to working with your team in the near future again. Please feel free to add me as a reference for clients requesting references from you all.
Again, kudos to your team for a job well done.

Best Regards,
Terry Hart
Colorado Energy

Tom, Paul and crew I want to Thank Air Hygiene for your testing services during our Unit 2 testing.  Your team did an exceptional job and was very organized and thorough.
We hope the same crew can come out again during our Unit 1 testing, because you did such a good job.  However I know whoever you send they will do a good job.
Have a safe trip home.
Thank you,

Teri L Bowman
Staff Environmental Scientist/Eng.
Environmental Services

Over the history of the Boardwalk companies, numerous emissions testing companies have provided testing, but Air Hygiene International, Inc. repeatedly surpasses the competition.  The quality of service provided at each step from the initial contact to submittal of the final report is unrivaled and each individual with whom we get to work throughout the process is pleasurable.  While I realize that Air Hygiene appreciates Boardwalk’s business, the decision to utilize Air Hygiene is resultant of the superior service received.  Therefore, thank you.

Darrell Morgan
Gulf South Pipeline Company LP

“Air Hygiene has always performed well on behalf of WFEC but there is something worth noting yesterday.  Tom Graham did extra work for us that was a great help to us and beyond what is normally expected.  Yesterday morning, we made a request to have a CO2 analyzer sent to Anadarko so that CO2 could be tested.  An oxygen analyzer was being used in lieu of the CO2 analyzer.  Since WFEC’s CO2 analyzer was being used for tuning and the reliability of it was being questioned by GE, the CO2 analyzer from Air Hygiene was really needed.  Tom wasn’t sure if he had someone to deliver the instrument but eventually delivered it himself.  I know that Tom had other work to do but that was tremendous help to us and WFEC really appreciates his effort!

After installing the CO2 analyzer, Tom also spent several hours analyzing the discrepancies between WFEC’s Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems results and Air Hygiene’s results.  His conclusion allowed us to go on with the performance test and feel comfortable with the results of either analyzer.  Again, that extra effort was greatly appreciated.

Gerald Butcher
Western Farmers Electric Cooperative

“I know I speak for both Chris and Pat, that we have been very impressed with and appreciative of Air Hygiene’s flexibility, support, and professionalism through this process.  You all have made a difficult time easier.

Brian Petermann
Sega Inc.

“Air Hygiene is a first class company.  Great job!”
Celeste M. Wiley 

Zephyr Environmental Corporation 

“Just a short note to let you know your crew did a great job!! You can be proud of the guys you are putting out in the field. Thanks for a successful year of testing on all 5 units. We'll do it again next year...

Bob Louallen
Las Vegas Cogeneration-Southwest Generation

 “Why would I want to do that, they do a great job
Nathan Wheldon (when asked about using other testers)