On-Site Particulate Lab

Air Hygiene Mobile Lab #701 was completed on January 31, 2014 and has TCEQ-NELAP accreditation for PM/PM-10/PM-2.5, NH3, HCl, and Hg!

Our Mobile Lab #701 provides On-Site Particulate Analysis for MATS requirements and more including:

  • PM, PM-10, PM-2.5!
  • Total Mercury (Hg)!
  • Speciated Mercury (Hg)!
  • Ammonia (NH3)!
  • HCl! H2SO4/SO3 and more!

Mobile Lab #701 has already been utilized by numerous clients for projects like:

  • PM correlation testing versus a PM CEMS for on-site rush data!
  • Hg, HCl, and PM preliminary MATS rule testing!
  • NH3 and PM rush/on-site analysis for new construction gas fired power plant

Air Hygiene International, Inc. is a privately held professional service firm incorporated on March 1st, 1997. Its mission is to reduce its client’s exposures to regulatory, civil, and criminal liabilities related to air emissions through superior testing services, risk identification, and management services. Air Hygiene accomplishes this mission by looking beyond mere compliance, toward strategies that encompass potential future liabilities as well as community responsibility.

Headquartered in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Air Hygiene serves clients throughout the continental United States as well as internationally. Its client base includes companies from various industries including oil and gas companies, utilities, manufacturers, and others.

Air Hygiene has thirty (30) emissions testing labs, capable of testing real-time pollution data as well as providing remote transmission of data and continuous, 24 hour testing services to meet the needs of our wide variety of clients.

Our pricing and flexibility are second to none. Air Hygiene takes pride in our testing efficiency, incredible service, and flexibility.

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